I make every attempt to be a flexible Mistress whenever possible.  Realize, however, that I am a very busy Woman both inside the dungeon and out, and may not always be able to accommodate your scheduling needs.

For faster consideration, go to the Session heading  and submit the "Prospective Clients."  I will be more likely to believe you are sincere and will give you higher priority if you have already done this.

I prefer to schedule sessions between the hours of 09:00AM and 2:00PM then 8:00PM and 12:00AM.  I will sometimes schedule earlier or later sessions with enough notice. 

I prefer at least 48 hours advance notice.  Next day appointments are sometimes available. Same-day appointments are rarely available but on occasion are possible.

When attempting to schedule an appointment, avoid phrases such as "I'm available anytime," or "evenings are good." Be specific. Indicate a day and a window of time when you would like to visit, or even two possibilities.