Below is an overview of the types of sessions I enjoy, however, I am always looking for something new. Therefore, if you have an interest that is not listed, contact Me and we will discuss them. Sessions are priced based on content and will be discussed via email.

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For me, perhaps the most enjoyable of all My torture sessions offered, because I enjoy it so much. I cater from light to extreme non-invasive cock torture sessions. Pegs, bondage, stretching, hot wax, dencorub and orgasm control. What a wonderful way to torture a slave – to bring him to the brink of orgasm, only to take it away!


As with CBT, nipple torture can be experienced in varying levels of intensity. Clamps, hot wax, nipple stretching and the most pleasurable one of all, is, of course, using My long painted nails as delicious implements of torture.


I enjoy fetish sessions of all types; however the one I adore the most is stockings and heels. I have a fantastic range of stockings, garter belts and shoes of all types (pumps, flats, peep-toe, platform, stiletto and boots) and always looking to add to the collection. Unusual and interesting fetishes are respected and seeing a submissives devotion to their fetish is appreciated.


Do you have a favourite submissive scene you would like to star in? Am I the strict headmistress, prison warden, boss, nurse? The options are limitless. From the minute I answer the door you step into My world and become Mine to command and do to as I see fit.

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My beautiful gyrl


Who’s been a naughty boi then?

Who’s been a naughty boi then?


Sluts, ladies and sissies are encouraged to contact me as I cater for all cross dressers in partial or full transformations. To apply makeup, wigs, corsetry, an outfit, and then to stand back admiring my finished ‘product’ before finally indulging in playing with my creation! The allure of seeing a slave wearing sexy lingerie, whether its red, black, purple, blue or pink to enhance his / her assets.


The accurate administration of corporal punishment on any level is an absolute delight. The crack of the dragon tail, the whistle of the cat as it is swung through the air, watching the body’s response to the thud of the paddle, of the contrast of red hand prints and pale bottoms as you lay across My knees. Regardless of your threshold, or implement of choice, you will be punished at My pleasure. If you require an all over body whipping with the cat or prefer caning to other areas of the body such as hands and bottom of the feet this to can be catered for.


It’s always refreshing to session with those exploring B.D.S.M. for the first time. Let Me guide you safely through the realm of mystery, dispelling many myths, opening your eyes to fetishes and kinks you have never thought imaginable. While pain infliction is what I enjoy the most, and I thrive on your screams of mercy the experience of fetish, kink and B.D.S.M. is so much more.


Whether you want to add a golden shower as part of your session, or simply to be used as a urinal, I will gladly accommodate you. Although golden showers can be sensual they can also be incorporated into a “forced” scene using specially designed gags that will help you comply.

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Do you desire being restrained, senses taken away, feeling helpless? There is an intoxicating affect of restraining My victim, slowly stripping away their senses of sight, speech and sound until they are completely at My mercy. This can be achieved through the use of cuffs, gags, blindfolds, straight jacket, hoods, and gas masks. Does a lighter more sensual restraint session appeal? This too can be accommodated. No matter the intensity, the sight and sound of a straining bound slave, always brings a wicked grin to My face.


The sense of power I feel over a slave when I strap on My cock and penetrate them. The intensity level you receive is initially your choice. Perhaps it is the external tease and stimulation or prostate milking that is your preference. For the more seasoned anal enthusiast there is the intensity of anal fisting or perhaps you are working towards this goal. The intense power exchange I feel when I penetrate a slave with My fist is amazing.


Imagine yourself beneath My elegant size 12 feet, as My personal mat or foot stool. A more punishing experience will be the sensation of My platform heeled boots or stilettos digging into your flesh. When you have pleased me, the taste of My perfectly manicured feet will coat your lips and tongue, My toes filling your mouth, your hardness beneath My soft feet, and if you have pleased Me beyond measure then the reward will be yours.